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Canine Library: General


A scooting dog may be trying to empty its anal sacs.

Dogs that sit down and scoot or drag their backsides across the floor after they have been outside may be doing a couple of things. First, the dog may be attempting to "clean" itself. If there are fragments of stool, you might try to clean the dog's backside when it comes in. The most common cause is related to the anal sacs. These sacs are just inside the anal opening and are usually emptied daily as the stools pass. If they aren't completely emptied, the dog may be attempting to empty them by scooting. The next time your dog goes in for a veterinary visit, ask the doctor to check the anal sacs. The technicians could even show you how you can express the sacs at home, if they become full and irritating. The sac material has an overwhelmingly powerful odor, so you wouldn't want to get it on the carpet or furniture.

Author(s): Wilcox, Bonnie, D.V.M.
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: June 1996

Canine Library: General