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Canine Library: General

Cats and Dogs

Most cats and dogs learn to live together peacefully.

Multipet owners with rival pets have to make an uncomfortable choice: Let them come to terms on their own, or keep them separated for the rest of their lives. Most cats and dogs will get along--eventually, if not immediately--and often it works out better if people stay out of it.

If you decide to help with the introductions, put the dog on a loose leash. Do not hold the cat. As a precaution, trim the cat's claws. There's little chance of the dog biting you, but you could be badly scratched and bitten by a frightened or aggressive cat. Even when they appear to tolerate each other, play it safe by keeping them separated when you're out until you're sure they're safe together.

Author(s): McLennan, Bardi
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: March 1994

Canine Library: General