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Canine Library: General

Doggy Odor

An unpleasant smell may be caused by a variety of conditions.

Dog odor is an individual, rather than a breed-specific, problem. Doggy odor can be caused by diet, a wide variety of skin conditions or by the dog's physical and environmental condition. The coat retains odor, so large, heavily coated dogs are apt to be most offensive.

The easy (nonmedical) solution to "D.O." is cleanliness: frequent grooming, bathing and maintaining fresh bedding in all sleeping areas. To some extent, doggy odor is in the nose of the beholder. Some dog owners are unaware of their pet's odor; others rely heavily on deodorizers. If the odor is not caused by a medical problem, stepped-up cleanliness is the answer.

Author(s): McLennan, Bardi
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: February 1996