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Party Dogs

A sitter may keep your dog occupied while you entertain at home.

The excitement of a big party or event at home may be too much for a dog to handle. There are options for dogs that bark at strangers or that might get overly excited at a room full of new people.

You could board the dog for the day of the party, giving you peace and quiet to prepare for the event, accept deliveries of food or flowers and entertain your guests. The dog may even think it has been given a short holiday.

The alternative is to confine the dog to a room where it won't get into trouble: where it can have its bed, water and food; and where you and your guests won't be upset by the barking. Leaving a radio on low volume with calm music helps. Someone must make sure the dog has water, take the dog outside and provide for all its needs. Test this plan well in advance of the big event to make sure your dog will sit quietly in its room.

If the dog digs at the door or cries the evening of your test, consider hiring a sitter for the dog. The sitter can entertain and comfort the dog throughout the evening. Furthermore. the sitter can accompany the dog if you choose to allow the dog to mingle with guests.

Author(s): McLennan, Bardi
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: December 1993

Canine Library: Home