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Canine Library: General

Safe Water Fun

Safety precautions will let your dog enjoy the water with you.

One of the best things about summer is cooling off in the water, whether it be in a pool, a lake or at the seashore. Most dogs like playing in water, too, so teaching them how to behave in it is a must.

Introduce a dog of any age to water play carefully. Many dogs are sensibly wary about entering water because they have no idea how to swim. The ones that need even more vigilant care are the daredevil dogs that show no fear at all. These reckless characters can drown just as easily as the overly cautious ones.

Teach a dog to swim by supporting it beneath its chest until it gets to where its feet reach the bottom. Then guide it to where it can always exit the water safely. This is particularly important in a swimming pool or in a lake with an uneven bottom. A dog must be taught where it can get out. When your dog is in the water, remove its collar to prevent underwater entanglement.

On the water, use the same precaution you would for a child, and put a life jacket on any dog you plan to take aboard a boat. Let the dog become accustomed to wearing the jacket before you set sail. A squirming, frantic canine passenger is no fun in a boat.

Whether you're traveling by land or by sea, take food anda supply of drinking water for the dog.

Author(s): McLennan, Bardi
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: June 1993

Canine Library: General