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Canine Library: PestControl

Tick Attack

A two-pronged approach is best.

Tick eggs live in the environment, usually in grass and weeds. The newly hatched ticks are very hungry and can hardly wait for a warm-blooded animal to come along so they can jump on for a meal. The bedding your dog sleeps in is probably infested with tick eggs, and, while your dog sleeps, the blood suckers all climb aboard.

You should counter this infestation with a two-pronged attack. Ask your veterinarian to recommend some products that will both kill and repel the ticks. Then use a long-lasting yard spray in the doghouse and all around the yard, especially under bushes and shrubs. This type of product will kill the eggs and larvae and help keep the problem at bay. In an area where there is no winter freeze to kill parasites, you will probably need to treat the yard twice a year. Treat your dog as needed, according to the directions on the label.

Author(s): Wilcox, Bonnie, D.V.M.
Publication: Dog Fancy
Issue Date: January 1994

Canine Library: PestControl